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German Shepherd Husky Mix: A Pet Parent's Guide to The Gerberian Shepsky!

By: Gary Wynn Kelly

Half German Shepherd and Half Siberian Husky, the German Shepherd Husky mix is a strong, independent and intelligent dog.

the german shepherd husky mix is a


independent yet loyal and intelligent


half german shepherd half siberian husky

this friendly breed is perfect for any

family with children and can even double

as a guard dog

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more about them

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feature brewery and shipski is a mix of

two classic and intelligent purebreeds

the litter size is approximately six to

eight puppies

a puppy will cost anywhere from a three

hundred and fifty dollar usd

to one thousand dollars usd the german

shepherd husky mix has a beautiful


this solid dog will protect you and your

family from anything

making this breed a perfect guard dog

deep down however

this dog is a loving and playful breed

which will melt the coldest of hearts

the perfect family dog who is great

around children

solid bold and powerful the german

shepherd husky mix is an

eye-catching breed their eyes may be

brown like the german shepherd or even

blue or green like a siberian husky

their coat is made for a colder climate


as this breed has a double coat it can

withstand warmer climates

your pups double coat may come in a

range of different colors from the

darker german shepherd side of brown and

tan with black

to the lighter husky side of grays and


a german shepherd husky mix will range

between 20 to 25 inches in height and


45 to 80 pounds the german shepherd

husky mix may not be well suited for

first time dog owners

they do require a fair bit of your time

so that their exercise

and training requirements are met this

breed loves exercise

it is recommended that your husky german

shepherd mix gets approximately 2 hours

of exercise per day

the best options for meeting such a high

exercise requirement

may be having a spacious and open

backyard where your dog can play and

keep busy

it is true that this breed is highly

intelligent and therefore

it may be quite deceiving just how easy

they can be trained

due to their husky parent with its

working and pack nature

the gerbery and chebsky can be quite a

stubborn breed so initially training can

be a little rough

a striking bold and wolf-like breed

intelligent and protective yet extremely

lovable and gooey on the inside

the perfect family dog the perfect

running companion

the perfect explorer do you own a

jerbury and shepski

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