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So You Want to Adopt an American Eskimo Dog?

Photo of a American Eskimo The American Eskimo is a medium to small size dog.  It’s thick, snow white double coat, beautiful mane, happy, smiling face, striking black points, erect ears and plume tail commands instant attention.  The gait is bouncy
and proud.  The American Eskimo is known as the “Dog Beautiful”, with an expression that is alert, eager, and lively.

American Eskimo dogs, or “eskies” as they are known, have a long and colorful history.  The eskie belongs to the Spitz group–the broad categorization of northern breed dogs.  These breeds have a history dating back more than 6,000 years, and the diversity and versatility of the breed is well represented in the eskie.  Still known in Europe as German Spitz dogs, the eskie found a
prominent home in America in the early 1900′s as a circus dog.

These lovable, highly intelligent and adaptable dogs became circus stars
through the 1920′s, and spread themselves throughout America by traveling
with the Circus, stealing the hearts of those who saw them, and winning
their way into homes throughout the country.  Most American Eskimo dogs today
can trace their pedigrees back to a famous circus dog or two.

Having a sensitive and affectionate nature, the eskie has an uncanny
ability to understand people and human tone, thereby adapting himself to the
various personalities of the household.  Most eskies are adopted due to having won
the hearts of people who visited them in their homes, or knew one that
belonged to a friend.  Few are adopted from being chosen out of a breed
book. It is no wonder that the national rescue organization calls them Heart

The eskie is hardly content to become a couch dog!  While they love a warm
lap, unlimited petting, and plenty of affection, they are too intelligent
to retire to a simple life of luxury. These energetic dogs have a strong
sense of duty, and when not protecting the home and interests of the people they
own, they continue to star in Hollywood, the show ring, and in agility and
obedience trials throughout the nation.

The standard eskie stands approximately 15-19 inches at the shoulder,
while the miniature stands 12-15 inches at the shoulder.  A toy eskie is rare,
but is recognized as standing 9-12 inches at the shoulder.  All have similar
winning personalities, high intelligence, devotion to their families, and
a willingness to learn anything people have the patience to teach them.

Eskies are best taught through positive methods–a lot of praise, games,
and a sense of joy all helping them to learn. They quickly get high marks in
obedience classes, and have the northern breed reputation of almost being
able to read the minds of people around them.

The eskie is a born watchdog, and MUST be well socialized as a puppy to
avoid developing an antisocial and over protective tendency.  Like other
northern breeds, the eskie requires your time and attention.  the American Eskimo
is devoted and loyal to his family.  He lives to please and protect them.

The eskie, like other northern breeds, MUST be a part of your family. They are natural diggers, and while not normally destructive, may become so when ignored.  They are natural roamers and predators requiring supervision and a fenced yard to protect them.

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